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10 reasons why you should upgrade your front door

Added on by Team Frames Trade & Retail


Well we’ve reached that time of year once again! The nights are getting longer, the breezes are getting colder and believe it or not there is still plenty of time to enjoy a brand new front door from the team here at Team Frames Trade & Retail. If you’d like the idea of improving safety and security during this winter, we are pleased to tell you that an upgraded front door from the Adorn Range can offer this and so much more!

We thought it useful to highlight some of the more practical benefits that come when considering a new entrance door for your home, no matter what style:


1. An opportunity to revitalise your home front

The most obvious reason for any homeowner to consider a new front door for the home is the overall appeal of “freshness”. You’ll be amazed at the amount of newfound energy that’ll be found in the home purely from due to the change of your home’s outward appearance. If you’re becoming tired of stepping through the same door day in and day out, treat yourself to a modern upgrade.

2. Subtly increase the financial value of your home

A much more efficient and high performing entrance door can work wonders in terms of upping the financial value of your home in the property market. Whether you’re considering selling your house or not, upgrading your home’s front door has the same monetary effect of adding a new extension or conservatory, allowing you to reap the financial rewards you invest.


3. Enjoy unparalleled energy efficiency and insulation

If you’re finding that the front of your home frequently suffers from annoying draughts, pesky cold spots and possibly even the odd unwanted breeze, this can often be the sign of an obsolete or dilapidated front door. Once upgraded you can be assured that heat will successfully be better trapped in your home, creating a more comfortable atmosphere and living environment almost instantly!

4. A new front door can offer greater protection and security

Depending on your chosen style of entrance door, it’s always possible to increase your home’s protection thanks to multi-point locking and high density foam cores used within the panel, successfully being more efficient and keeping out any unwanted guests. All doors supplied by the team here at Team Frames Trade & Retail benefit from a wholly robust structure.

blue upvc door

5. The potential to reduce your home’s energy bills

Because a new upgraded front door supplied by us is more effective at trapping heat resulting in lower U-values, you’ll find yourself less inclined to switch on your home’s central heating and so reduce the money you typically find yourself paying out on heating bills. A more energy efficient home is a cheaper home to run, and an upgraded front door can be just the start.

6. The best way to reflect your own personality outwards

When first moving into a new home, more often than not the existing entrance door featured in the property will not reflect your own style and personality so why not do something about it? Whether it’s through a composite, premium or contemporary door from our Adorn range you can enjoy a generous choice of over 13 individually distinct colours, giving you the opportunity to get truly imaginative and create a new entrance door that reflects your own personal taste and style for anyone who comes to visit.


7. Lower front door thresholds means easier entrance access

Ideal for homeowners who are looking to better increase the ease of wheelchair or pushchair access into the home, with a new upgraded front door our team can fit the panel so it features an exceedingly low threshold to eradicate any harsh entries. An often overlooked yet thoughtful touch to your new door, low thresholds help make your home life just that little bit easier!

8. An easy way to increase kerb appeal

If you’d like to improve the outward impression that your home makes to both neighbours and any passers-by, a new front door can work wonders in how people perceive the interior of your home with the exterior being the first impression. It’s easy to make your home the talk of the town when upgrading to a new and improved stylish entrance option, resulting in an exterior you can be proud of and rave about.


9. A worthwhile investment, with a new door that lasts for decades

All of our entrance doors are widely considered by many to be both cost-effective and affordable when taking into account the great amount of benefits and improvements they offer, yet you can be assured when investing in a new entrance door from us quality and longevity is always assured. Even at the lower end of the product range, when fitted correctly our composite doors will keep your home comfortable and well-insulated for many decades to come.

10. Enjoy a first-class service from Team Frames Trade & Retail

Here at Team Frames Trade & Retail we’re passionate about improving homes, that’s why when opting for a brand new door insulation from our team you can be assured that you’ll receive a first-class service from an experienced team that is accredited by organisations such as FENSA, BFRC & the Certified Installer Network. Enjoy a new front door and avoid cowboy builders with Team Frames Trade & Retail.

You now know the benefits, so what are you waiting for?

With so many benefits and tempting reasons to treat yourself to a high quality entrance door this winter, don’t delay and discover more from our knowledgeable team today! To get in touch, feel free to call us on 01342 842632 or send us a message online.

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