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6 Ways to Personalise a New Build Home

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So you’ve just started afresh and are seeking the right eye-catching enhancements to improve your new build home, but don’t have the foggiest idea where to start. Thankfully, the team here at Team Frames Trade & Retail can help you make your mark and introduce a bespoke stamp of personality within the space, using our selection of high quality home improvements which make up our famous Adorn Range.

It’s no secret that making your property stand out helps to add character, and can even play a part in letting people form their first impression of you. So with that said, we’ve put together 6 helpful ways to personalise your new build home, set to inspire you so your space can successfully stand out and make an impact.

1. Aluminium Windows


Because of highly advanced and technical powder coating practices which ensures colour stays looking as fresh and bright as the day it was first layered on, aluminium windows provide plenty of opportunity for homeowners to achieve their ideal colour tone and therefore character. Fancy a bold blue, distinct red, or even a classical woodgrain effect? Let your windows reflect the new you in your new build home with aluminium frames!

2. Astragal bars

Sticking with the windows theme, adding astragal bars to either your casement, sliding sash, or flush sash windows is the perfect touch for anyone wishing to evoke a sense of historical design. From simple “two over two” pattern layouts to “six over six” and even a mixture of the two, homeowners can successfully replicate styles seen in either the Victorian, Edwardian, or Georgian period and make a personal statement grounded and inspired by history.

3. Glazed extension

featured bifold doors image

Although it may seem a little drastic to start building yet another space alongside your new build home, any time is a perfect time to make use of an elegant glazed extension which acts as an ideal space to chill and relax in during the Summer sun. There’s simply no better way of gaining a space as individual as you, being a truly personal and personable space for every sized home and family.

4. Bifolding doors

The most unique and innovative entrance option introduced to UK homeowners, bifolding doors effortlessly blend inside and outside living spaces in the home to help you make the best of both. Their smart, stylish, and convenient stacking design helps to make the most of space but also add a sense of identity that also reflects these attributes to you. Especially when installed in flexible aluminium, as with our windows endless colour options await.

5. Lantern roof

Full size Spitfire door

Considered by many to be a perfect finishing touch that literally helps to shed light on the beauty already present within the inside of any home, the modest addition of a neat lantern roof. Capable of being installed above any room sitting under a flat roof, lashings of light will effortlessly contribute to a bright atmosphere that is created completely naturally without the need of artificial light. This means there’s even the possibility of saving on energy bills.

6. Contemporary entrance doors

If there ever was an element of the home capable of making a big first impression it’s unabashedly the door. That’s why at Team Frames Trade and Retail we supply some of the sleekest and high tech options around in our Adorn Range, offering the very best in security and efficiency whilst still allowing homeowners the ability to project their own style onto their new build home.

Set your new build home apart from the street

If you’ve been inspired by any of the above products we’ve mentioned or simply want to discover more ways of projecting your own personality and make the most of your new build home, you can always call our team on 01342 842632 or send us an online message today.

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    "Rather remiss of me but I have neglected to write to you to say thank you to yourself and Steve, as well as the unseen by me, others, that completed the work at our house whilst we were away. We were very impressed with the standard of work and the way in which Steve spotted the manufacturing issue with one of the doors and got it resolved so quickly. We have now moved onto the next phase of the living room revamp with electrics getting done in a couple of weeks. We are now looking to change the fireplace and get the ceiling skimmed, assuming we can find a fit plasterer, as the one we were going to use has just had a shoulder operation! Then finally we will be able to get the floor tiled which we plan to through to the garden. Should be ready about Christmas 2016 at the rate we go at!"

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