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Invest in Aluminium windows and reap the benefits

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One of the most attractive and exciting home improvement materials to be introduced to the market, aluminium has slowly built up in popularity over the last 30 years to offer modern homeowners an attractive and practical window solution. Invest in a new set of aluminium windows and you’ll be sure to reap those benefits, but what are they? Let’s take a look:

Aluminium Window Installation

Unparalleled thermal efficiency for a warmer living environment

When compared to their uPVC or even Timber equivalents, aluminium windows help to improve heat gain ability and reduce heat loss by up to 80%, providing they are installed correctly. Engineered using only the finest materials, their multi-chambered internal frame combines with weathertight glazing practices to mean you depend less on central heating, instead enjoying any heat already generated in your home naturally.

Offering some of the very best weather resistance and integrating what’s known as a ‘thermal break’ between each aluminium window’s inner and outer frames, our range is known for introducing excellent insulation qualities. Spaces and areas of the home that would previously be prone to draughts, rattles, and cold spots, will now remain comfortable and inviting throughout the year rather than simply the Spring or Summer.

Inherently strong and robust for larger outside views

Aluminium is often the material of choice for many architectural and commercial projects, largely due to the huge amount of flexibility possible, but more so due to their inherent strength and ability to accept larger glass panes. This quality is something you can enjoy also, greatly improving the amount of natural light capable of entering the space.

As well as a more natural-feeling and brighter living space thanks to the abundance of natural light, the wider glass surface area also spoils you with glorious views of your home’s outside wherever you choose to have them installed. If you have a lovely garden or are lucky enough to have a gorgeous landscape view, aluminium windows allow you to experience them like never before with slim sightlines and innate strength.

Grey Aluminium Windows

Reduced carbon footprint and increased recyclability

Even though aluminium windows on average have a generously long lifespan of up to 60 years – a great investment, when the time does come for them to be replaced they are easily recyclable, reducing your home’s carbon footprint drastically. This is in addition to the initial energy costs you’ll be saving thanks to ability to make you less reliant on central heating.

Aluminium: The window material that keeps on giving

With so many rewards and benefits to reap, whenever the discussion of replacing your home’s windows arises, be sure to always consider aluminium as your material of choice. For more information on how they have continued to establish themselves as the modern standard or to learn more about our services, feel free to call our team on 01342 842632 or send us a message online today.

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