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Another satisfied customer for Team Frames Trade & Retail

Added on by Team Frames Trade & Retail

Quite recently, we had the pleasure of catching up with one of our latest happy customers, who wanted to tell us just how much of a difference The Adorn Range is making to their home and all round day to day life. It wasn’t long before we swooped in to hear all about it, eventually transforming this passion into a new online video that fully captures the work highlighted.

Helping the homeowner achieve a nice open feel for their home

When the homeowners told us what kind of living environment they wanted to achieve when approaching us for help, we took extra time, care and attention to be really supportive throughout the entire decision making process, all in an effort to achieve the best result possible.

The first point of order was to create a welcoming bright space within the back of the home that would allow family members to more easily transition in and out, doing so with a great deal of ease and no hassle whatsoever. Enter a high performance and smooth set of gliding patio doors from The Adorn Range, perfect for allowing access, introducing light and letting in lots of air and ventilation whenever it gets hot in the summer season.

What was once a fenced off garden area could know be utilised as and when by the homeowner’s children, creating an open space that would always leave them in full view for safety whilst providing plenty of room in which they could run around in for hours upon end. As can be seen, The Adorn Range can not only improve your personal experience, but everyone else’s also!

Highlighting established aspects of the home, in a way only The Adorn Range can!

Grey bifolding doors

Throughout the front of the home, the homeowners really wanted to inject a lot more natural light for the simple purpose of showing off all of the unique and beautiful aspects of the property’s inside. In order to make the home’s eye-catching staircase a real focal point of the house we recommended a beautiful set of Oak Windows complete with slim sightlines to help more easily provide that “wow factor” whilst also letting the light shine through.

The concept worked so well in fact, that lantern lights were installed near the property’s entrance as well as in the home’s kitchen area, this time in the form of a fully versatile lantern roof which would never fail to bring out the natural beauty of the interior. As can be seen in the featured video, this London home can now always remain comfortable and inviting for both the residents and any visiting house guests.


An informed and reliable service from a friendly family-run team

Team Frames Trade & Retail are proud to offer our bespoke services throughout Surrey, Sussex and beyond, with this latest project simply being another example of just how Adorn Range excels at helping you make the most of your home both inside and out.

If you’d like to experience an end result and service just as high quality and friendly as this lucky family recently did, or simply wish to find out more about The Adorn Range’s advantages, feel free to contact our professional team on 01342 842632 or send us a message online today!

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    "Good morning, I have just had some windows replaced, and I wanted to say how pleased I was with your customer service and the 2 men that came out to do the work."

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