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The current month of October marks an important one for both homeowners and improvement companies alike, commonly referred to as National Home Security Month. It’s a sad but important statistic that still currently a burglary occurs every 40 seconds within British homes, 40% of which taking place when the house is empty.

We’re getting involved by highlighting just some of the ways our Adorn Range can increase the security of your home, before the night draws closer with the winter months ahead!


From the simplest composite door to high tech alternatives

A spitfire S500 door

Keeping yourself security-conscious is never a hassle when browsing through our selection of products, with most having been designed with property safety and protection in mind. From entrance composite doors that boast a high density foam core and 4mm lock strips to innovative tilt & turn windows that lower the risk of attracting any unwanted guests, its near-impossible to make a wrong decision.

Those wanting to go the extra mile in terms of boosting their home security needn’t look any further than our wildly attractive range of contemporary entrance doors that come readymade with a wealth of impressive technologies including: fingerprint recognition, smart spyhole cameras and strong 90mm aluminium outer frames. Take your home security to the next level this innovative door style.

High quality locking systems that prevent intrusion

The type of locking your chosen windows and doors make use of is something that can easily be overlooked, yet unsurprisingly it couldn’t be a more important factor. All of the products featured in The Adorn Range come readily fitted with their own type of secure lock system, from high performance shoot bolt locks, mortice locks, and of course multi-point locking – Our products excel at increasing your home security whilst never compromising on ease of use.

Consider additional glazing methods

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the more layers of glass fitted within your home’s windows, the more difficult it’ll be for any potential intruders to break through. Double glazing is already the industry standard in order to guarantee a well-insulated home, yet this additional second pane also introduces a much greater sense of home security too!

Triple glazing expertly is able to increase this factor more, acting as yet another barrier of defence when necessary whilst further being able to stamp out any pesky cold spots or unwanted draughts in the home. Our thickly glazed triple glazing products might achieve an ‘A’ rating in terms of energy efficiency, being an unofficial score with regards to safety at the same time.

Proud to raise awareness of the importance of home security through The Adorn Range

If you know deep down that you maybe haven’t yet taken your home security quite as seriously as you should, use these top tips to help ensure that your house is secure. National Home Security Month will be every month for your traditional or contemporary home, once installed with a high quality product from our Adorn Range.

For more information on how our team can help enhance the security of your home resulting in added peace of mind, call us today on 01342 842632 or send us an online message today!

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