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Happy Surrey homeowner enjoys better light and air with roof dome fitting

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Roof dome 2

Sometimes it can be the little things that can make the biggest difference. While it’s all too easy to often blow things out of proportion when it comes to revitalising the home, solutions can regularly be found through the unlikeliest of methods.

One happy Surrey homeowner recently discovered this when choosing the Team Frames Trade & Retail team to install what’s known as a roof dome – a small yet effective polycarbonate lid that introduces fresh air and helps homes to make the most of natural light.

Perfect for shedding light on the darkest of situations

Upon contacting us for help, the homeowner explained how a certain area of the home would frequently suffer from feeling dark, dilapidated, and in all honesty quite bleak. There weren’t a lot of windows surrounding the space and so and natural light that was able to enter would often struggle to travel the distance needed to fully enhance to the level needed. We immediately recommended a roof dome, which – providing the area was located under a flat roof – would be able to do just te trick. Lucky for the customer, it was!

All our roof domes come supplied in either inherently strong aluminium or incredibly flexible uPVC, both sporting sleek profiles to minimalize sightlines and widen the available large glass surface area. The room instantly felt much more bright and airy, letting lashings of natural light shine through while never compromising the property’s established levels of thermal efficiency or comfort.

Roof dome 1

A natural way of reducing energy costs and enhancing mood

No longer will this homeowner need to waste energy, unnecessarily switching on lights to illuminate the previously darkened area. Throughout the day, the property’s new roof dome will continue to keep natural light from the sun pour in, reducing energy costs and lowering finance bills as a result. Our team took the time to ensure that it was fitted to be weathertight, never falling victim to heat leaks or draughts.

It’s been scientifically proven that brighter living spaces can have a positive impact on mood and atmosphere, so anyone who opts for a roof dome installation can feel much better knowing that upon returning home, they’ll be a nice atmosphere waiting. From morning right through to the evening, the outside will successfully be brought into the home.

Here’s what the happy surrey homeowner had to say:

“I’m so pleased with the new top roof dome. It’s amazing. I can’t believe how much light there is. Thank you so much to you and the team. A highly professional service. Why can’t all organizations treat customers the way you do and deliver the high standard of workmanship?”

Subtle enhancements that make all the difference from TFT&R

Whether it’s through the use of a full-scale conservatory, stylish lantern roof or, as with here, a subtle yet effective roof dome, we have the tools to help illuminate the home. If you’d like to benefit as this customer did, or would just like to know more about our products and services, call us on 01342 842632 or contact us online.

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    Installation of 9 white uPVC windows

    "The whole experience was carried out in a friendly, clean and professional way, right from the survey to the fitting and completion."

    - Customer, Horley in Surrey

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