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Bring the outside in with Bifolding doors

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Anthracite Grey Bifold Doors

Simultaneously great for introducing a sense of grandeur and luxury towards the back of any home, we’re pleased to discover that bifolding doors are a much bigger hit than ever with homeowners up and down Sussex and Surrey. After all, there really is no better way to experience an appreciated sense of the outside from within the comfort of inside the home, and we’re on a mission to help all our customers benefit from this!

A key product featured as part of our Adorn Range, bifolding doors help to create an inside cosiness that is both natural and secure. Bring the outside in this new year with one of the most innovative patio door styles on the market.


Feel closer to your home’s outside space

Our bifolding doors are so good for letting homeowners gain a better sense of the outside, simply because of their sleek yet simple frame design. Slim sightlines ensure that your garden always remains in full view, ideal for keeping an eye on little ones whilst making it much easier for any natural light that hits the side of your home to more easily pass through and enter. You’ll instantly appreciate the much lighter and brighter atmosphere this creates inside, relieving stress levels and placing you in a positive mood.

Once installed, bifold doors also work wonders in terms of creating the illusion that your home is much larger than is actually the case by subtly letting your home extend further into the garden area. “Open-plan” or the removal of barriers and obstructions within the home is a type of lifestyle that bifold doors easily facilitate, so don’t deny yourself the appearance of a wider living space any longer.

Bifold Doors in Surrey

Warmth as well as beautiful views 365 days a year

Despite how natural an atmosphere bifold doors are able to generate, homeowners that opt to have one installed can rest easy knowing that we fit them to be weathertight and extremely energy efficient, locking in the heat throughout the year to maintain comfort. Even during the Winter months, our bifold doors allow you take in the snowy outside within a thermally insulating home environment.

Effortless garden access whenever you crave it most

When the time of year eventually does come for you to enter out into your garden, bifold doors from the Adorn Range make use of exceedingly low thresholds to make every step outside effortless and hassle-free. This ease of access goes hand in hand with our bifold’s ability to smoothly glide over and stack neatly to any chosen side of your home’s aperture, never making transitions a chore.

Revitalise the back of your home with a smooth sliding bifold door

If you’d like to bring your home closer to the outside, introduce the illusion of extra space, or both, feel free to contact our team either on 01342 842632 or using our online form. Bifolding doors from the Adorn Range or an innovative addition that no one should miss out on!

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    Complete conservatory roof replace

    "After having a leaking conservatory roof for 18 months and 3 failed repairs by other companies I was recommended Team Frames, they came on the day I called them and explained that the roof would need replacing and actually showed me why. I felt totally confident from that moment. They completed the job in 3 days and the day after it rained and rained. I stood in the conservatory just ecstatic that there was not one leak. I really wish I'd found this company earlier. My conservatory will be in use all year now. They have done an amazing job for a reasonable price, a very happy customer."

    - Customer, Horley in Surrey

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