French door installation

New doors and windows for a delighted repeat customer in Surrey

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Mrs Williams, a customer who was seriously pleased with our work a couple of years ago, recently called on us again. She had moved house and wished to update her windows and doors – luckily, she knew that the teams …

Mr Carteret's house, Surrey

Another customer thrilled with our service

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Recently purchasing this one bedroom property, Mr DeCarteret wanted to make the most of the corner plot. Built in the 1990’s, it had been rented for years and left empty for the last 6 months. Needing updating, especially with new …

Gostone property transformed

Godstone home brought back to life with The Adorn Range

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When Mr and Mrs Hatter moved into their South Godstone semi-detached property in 2005, they mentioned how it was “everything we’d hoped for – spacious, beautiful and packed full of period charm”. Unfortunately, there was one aspect of the property …