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#DoorGoals: Spitfire Doors are April’s product of the month!

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Full size Spitfire door

Continuing to change the landscape of how composite doors are made, at Team Frames Trade & Retail we’ve been a big advocate of high tech Spitfire doors for quite some time.

The result of meticulous German engineering and advanced manufacturing techniques, Spitfire doors brings homes up to date in the Modern age while giving them a new lease of life.

Composite doors like you’ve never seen them before

A fusion of design and performance, in either of our timber or aluminium variants our Spitfire doors take the concept of a conventional composite door and completely rewrites the rulebook. One of the only systems to integrate contemporary technologies such as automatic locking, fingerprint recognition, and more, every panel is surrounded by a reinforced Schüco aluminium frame.

Why every home needs a high tech Spitfire door

Every style home can instantly benefit from the security, insulation, and aesthetic features Spitfire doors inherently bring with them. For one, every door is virtually burglar-proof thanks to a reinforced aluminium frame and a suite of high security locks. Taking these sentiments one step farther is the implementation of automatic locking and fingerprint recognition, giving homeowners greater control over who enters their property.

Leaf-enclosing infills, circumference seals, and three panes of window protection glass means any heat generated will be successfully retained in the home. U-values as low as 0.7 W/M²k are readily achievable, saving money on energy bills and resulting in less of an environmental impact. Quite literally everybody wins with a Spitfire door!

A spitfire S500 door

Things that Spitfire doors do differently:

  • Technology integration: Fingerprint recognition, spy hole cameras, automatic locking
  • Thermal insulation: U-values of only 0.7 W/M²k
  • High grade powder coated finishes: Withstands all UK weather conditions
  • A plethora of door styles: From traditional Georgian to modern and contemporary
  • Weathertight and secure: Reinforced Schüco aluminium frames
  • The ultimate peace of mind: 3-piece security barrel hinges

Start your journey to a home of the future with a new Spitfire door

With so many technological and practical benefits and advantages, the addition of a new Spitfire door is never anything less than a substantial improvement to any home’s entrance. For more information on why your home should have one, feel free to contact the team either online or on 01342 842 632 today.

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