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Enjoy the latest in door technology with Spitfire doors

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If you’re a homeowner craving an entrance door that best represents the pinnacle of modern design for your beautiful contemporary home, consider our new range of high tech contemporary entrance doors from the Spitfire S-500 series, now proudly part of the Adorn range.

This pioneering new form of high tech contemporary door technology not only allows you to better reflect your own personality, but allows for exceptional ease of use and performance without any hassle whatsoever!

spitfire door cream

Taking homes to the next level with the most modern entrance door option

A particular highlight of the Adorn range, these high tech contemporary entrance doors successfully deliver all of the expected features modern homeowners crave, easily meeting the demands of 21st century living with slim lines, advanced technology and some of the lowest U Values on the market at 0.7 M2k/w.

Engineered using market-leading aluminium profiles, each contemporary door never fails to look distinct to always make an impression and instantly improve any home’s kerb appeal. The doors themselves are so advanced, modern European homeowners throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland are already enjoying their benefits. Treat your home to the next big trend in home improvement enhancement, every contemporary home will never fail to ooze style.


High tech enhancements not possible with any other door style

The door system’s state-of-the-art enhancements comes in the form of bespoke biometric key technology that makes use of an automatic lock accessible via either a finger scanner, keypad or even a Bluetooth connection to your phone. Not only does this mean your new entrance door will be virtually burglar-proof, but you’ll be able to enjoy complete peace of mind when relaxing in your home.

spitfire door silver handled door

Smart spy hole cameras, toughened glass and built in lighting for even more protection helps to round out the overall package, leaving you wondering how you made use without these unique features in the first place!

Amazing colour choices for a distinct style statement

Just because our new range of high tech Spitfire doors impress in terms of both function and ease of use, doesn’t mean that they are any less impressive with their customisability and design options. Team Frames Trade & Retail offer Spitfire doors in a beautiful selection of gloss or matt colour tones to help you best make the most of your home’s front whilst being truly creative.

The baked-on powder coated paint finish applied to all of our Spitfire doors guarantees that your chosen colour will be durable, weather-resistant and long lasting – ensuring they stay looking just as vibrant and distinct as they day they were first installed.

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    Homeowner Installation

    "Rather remiss of me but I have neglected to write to you to say thank you to yourself and Steve, as well as the unseen by me, others, that completed the work at our house whilst we were away. We were very impressed with the standard of work and the way in which Steve spotted the manufacturing issue with one of the doors and got it resolved so quickly. We have now moved onto the next phase of the living room revamp with electrics getting done in a couple of weeks. We are now looking to change the fireplace and get the ceiling skimmed, assuming we can find a fit plasterer, as the one we were going to use has just had a shoulder operation! Then finally we will be able to get the floor tiled which we plan to through to the garden. Should be ready about Christmas 2016 at the rate we go at!"

    - Customer, Southern Counties

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