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How new windows from the Adorn Range can transform your home!

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Casement Windows in Surrey

Comprised of some of the finest window, door and conservatory products currently available on the British market, at Team Frames Trade & Retail our commitment to quality, reliability and beauty can easily be demonstrating when looking at our exclusive Adorn Range. Especially when opting for one our beautiful and cost-effective window styles, a transformative home is never too far away.

From simple casement windows that can be specifically customised to your exact requirements to tilt & turn windows that expertly facilitate the modern lifestyle with their innovative opening action, The Adorn Range boasts an eclectic choice of window solutions that is sure to tie in seamlessly with the existing personality of your property.

Designed from the ground up to ‘enhance’ every style of property

The term ‘Adorn’ itself comes from the Latin word for ‘enhance’, symbolising our mission to ensure that every window we offer only serves to improve your home for the better whilst never compromising on affordability, durability and beauty. Although a subtle feature of any home, your chosen style of window plays an important role in tying together your property’s outward appearance seamlessly.

Manufactured using the some of the highest quality PVC -u and aluminium systems, all of our windows allow for easy operation to bring you ever closer to the natural beauty of your home’s outside, locking in the heat on those cold winter evenings when necessary. Whether aluminium or PVC-u, our home improvement solutions can incorporate energy efficient glazing, windows included.

Slim Sash Windows in Surrey

’A’ Rated for energy efficiency as standard

Delivering absolute comfort and energy efficiency as well as style, all the window styles featured in the Adorn Range utilise an ingenious multi-chambered internal design which is much more effective at trapping any natural heat that would otherwise be able to seep out and escape from your home.

Our knowledgeable team can install your new choice of windows to secure an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy the most energy efficient home possible. It’ll be easy for you to maintain heat in the desired living spaces, making you less inclined to switch on your central heating so you can save on high cost energy bills. Our windows have the potential to save you money as well as warmth.

Reinventing your home inside and out

It cannot be understated just how gorgeous our windows can make your home look both on the inside and out. All of our options feature a large glass surface area to allow light to better enter your home. This creates a much lighter and brighter atmosphere internally, completely revitalising any dark of dilapidated areas of the home you’re not currently tempted to enjoy.

Aesthetically, windows from the Adorn Range also excel and impress. From flush sash and sliding sash windows that easily compliment homes looking to add a touch of elegance to tilt & turn windows ideal for higher-up applications, we can colour your new windows to look just as vibrant or subtle as is preferred. Especially with our aluminium windows, over 100 RAL colour tones let you be truly creative with home design.

Letting you enjoy the home of your dreams, today!

The selection of windows available as part of The Adorn Range from the folks here at Team Frames Trade & Retail offer all the aspects the modern homeowner quite rightly expects, with a cosier and much more stylish home is never too far away. For more information on how The Adorn Range can help transform your home, call us on 01342 842632 or contact us online.

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