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The importance of energy efficient and energy saving windows

Added on by Team Frames Trade & Retail

We all know deep down that most us could probably do little more to be energy conscious in our day to day lives. Believe it or not, the same can be said when researching about which product to choose in your next uPVC window replacement, except this time it’s an initial decision that will benefit both you and the environment rather than a continuous one you always need to be thoughtful of.

At Team Frames Trade & Retail we’ve been providing local homeowners across Surrey, Sussex and Kent with energy saving windows for over 30 years, so if you’re not already feeling the benefit of an energy saving home let us inform you why you should!

Helping you save the environment as well as money on heating bills

White Sash Windows

All of our uPVC casement windows come ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency as standard, meaning that even when shut your home will be able to better retain heat and so make you less tempted to switch on your property’s central heating. Not only will this keep money you’d otherwise spend on heating bills in your pocket, but reduce the amount of energy required to insulate your home, saving it in the process.

Despite being a relatively simple and easy solution, this process acts as the most effective way to prevent the 30% of window heat loss that typical British homes traditionally tend to suffer from. Replacement windows from The Adorn Range will render your home weathertight, keeping your heating bills to a minimum and helps to reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

Rendering your home useable 365 days a year!

If ever you’ve found that certain areas of your home frequently disappoint from a practical point of view, rest easy knowing that once your home is treated to our range of energy efficient uPVC windows, any annoying draughts, cold spots, or rattles will be successfully eliminated. Your home will remain comfortable 365 days a year as opposed to simply the spring or summer, expertly keeping the temperature balanced always.

Oak Effect uPVC Casement Windows

The advanced window technology integrated within our range makes successful use of warm edge spacer bars, argon gas cavity fills, and conventional double glazing applications to make this all possible. This results in lower U-values, ‘A’ rated performance, and of course a more energy efficient home – 67% more energy efficient to be exact!

TFTR: Looking after the world as well as your home comfort

We take great pride in being able to transform your property’s environment, without damaging the wider environment in the process, no service encapsulates this more so than our energy efficient window replacements. For more information on how you can enjoy a warmer home, save money and be more energy conscious, call us on 01342 842632 or contact us online.

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