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Kate Moss loves her house full of windows

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Sliding Patio Doors

Some of us might be already be well-versed in aspiring towards supermodels when looking to improve our own person’s fashion sense or glamour, but did you know that quite a few of them also have homes we could learn a thing or two from too? One of the most iconic fashion models of the mid and late 90’s, it’d be fair to say that Kate Moss loves windows almost as much as us!

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Windows, Windows, Everywhere!

We simply can’t ignore the fact that with her home, Kate isn’t struggling to feel close to outside either upstairs or down, and this is largely due to the sheer number of glass being used within all her home’s windows. With both the main structure and additional side extension, entire walls are replaced with glass which makes illuminating mood and atmosphere easy as pie. With windows covering almost the entire structure, Kate will never be short on vitamin D exposure from the sun’s rays, helping her skin as well as home. You might consider doing the same.

Moving away from interior design benefits specifically, another side advantage of using so many windows in the home are the number of views you’ll be able to enjoy when looking from the inside outwards. Especially when using windows with slim sightlines and clean profiles like Kate Moss, feeling inspired will be a regular occurrence when waking up every morning.

Interior View of Skylights

Interior design ideas that let you live life like a celebrity

Kate Moss’ interior design choices might not seem that thoughtful at first glance, but when looking a little closer it’s easy to see how a few little flourishes help to make all the difference. From the outside, to the living room, and even the bedroom, reflective surfaces are everywhere. The benefit here is that any light entering the home will instantly be bounced around the environment, removing the chances of any area ever feeling dark or unwelcoming. Everything from the bed posts to staircases are shiny, and not by accident.

Keeping with the eye-catching aspects of Moss’ home’s interior design, colours are vibrant, plentiful, resulting in a very lively inside aesthetic. While there is always an understandable fear and danger of creating an unfocussed look when mashing together different colour tones, this can be avoided when being rather strict with your choices. Choose from a collection of 5 or 6 colours that work well together, stick to them, then you’ll be able to get really creative.

A great example of how to enjoy a true open plan lifestyle

For those in know, it won’t come as a shock to hear us re-iterate that open plan layouts introduce many benefits to the home. Kate Moss’ humble abode is just another prime example of this working expertly. By creating definitive divides within each room, Moss has been able to make the most of all available living space present.

Greenery and other stylish items are dotted around the perimeter of each room rather than centrally cluttered. Only the necessary pieces of furniture creep their way out of each room’s circumference, and when they do, furnishings like the coffee table run parallel to the placement of the chairs and sofas to never block walkway routes. Paths are kept, clear, open, and as a result the room feels a lot more freeing than it otherwise would be able to.

Beautify your home Kate Moss-style with Team Frames Trade & Retail

Despite what you may think, your home isn’t too far away from being able to enjoy the same number of interior design touches laid out within Kate Moss’ property. To enjoy a first-class service and make the most of your home, feel free to call a member of our team on 01342 842632 or send us a message online today.

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