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Make the most of your conservatory with a replacement roof

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Have you got a dated conservatory? Is it being used for storage, or simply as a gateway to your garden or patio? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then you could really benefit from conservatory roof replacement.

Avoiding the need to rebuild the extension completely, replacing the roof is a simple and cost-effective way for you to make the most of your conservatory.
The only decision you need to make is between a solid or glazed roof style – if you really can’t decide why not opt for a combination of the two?
Atlas Roof Lantern

High performance fully glazed roofs

There is nothing worse than a conservatory that gets too warm in Summer and too cold in Winter. With fully glazed conservatory roof replacement you can enjoy a comfortable temperature all year round.

Maintenance hassle will also be a thing of the past – high quality glass is far less likely to trap dirt or be susceptible to the weather. That means less time cleaning and more time enjoying the space!
real roof design

Tiled conservatory roof replacement

For optimum energy efficiency and noise insulation, solid tiled conservatory roof replacement is ideal. Your conservatory will become cosier, and feel like a true extension of your living space, rather than a separate entity.

The RealRoof is one of the highest quality solid tiled roof choices available. The thermally insulated lightweight tiles are available in a range of styles, meaning the roof will be matched seamlessly to any existing structures.
livinroof interior shot

A combination of glazed and solid roof panels

If you are struggling to choose between full glazing or solid tiles, then why not compromise and meet half way? The LivinRoof allow you to choose how many glazing panels you want, with the remaining roof space being completed with solid aluminium panels. This combination means that you can direct light into the spaces you want.

With a vaulted ceiling that can incorporate lights, LivinRoof conservatory roof replacement is a great choice for those seeking more creative control. For example, the roof perimeter can be plastered and painted in any colour, making it easy to reflect your personality.

All available from The Adorn Range

adorn range logoFor expert advice on conservatory roof replacement, you need look no further than Team Frames Trade & Retail. Our Adorn Range of stylish and high performance roofs can be fitted to many existing conservatory shapes and styles.

We offer our services across Surrey, Sussex and Kent, and have been improving homes across these locations since 2005. We are a company that you can trust, whether you are looking to update your conservatory or benefit from any other home improvements.

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