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Renovate your conservatory’s roof and lock in warmth this Winter

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There’s nothing more off putting than a leaky, draughty, or just generally cold atmosphere when you’re just about to tuck into some well-earned Christmas Turkey, so why not do something about it just in time for the big day? A conservatory roof replacement though wildly effective and affordable, acts as the swiftest way to show any unloved conservatory some appreciation for everyone to enjoy.

An affordable method of showing your extension some love!

When compared to the price of an entire conservatory installation, the simple act of replacing your existing extension’s roof is nowhere near as costly. For the highly insulating benefits they offer this is a tempting proposition for all types of homeowner when comfort is of top priority. What’s more the installation turnaround time is relatively quick too, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the improved warmth and less time turning into a family of snowmen.

There’s no longer any excuse to suffer from any frequent rattles, draughts, or cold spots that may come as a result of a low quality polycarbonate roof. Our high performance replacements make use of a multi-layered internal design that more efficiently can trap any heat naturally generated in your home and improve weather resistance.

Rendering the space useable 365 days a year come rain or shine

Whereas a conventional polycarbonate roof installed during the 1980’s can only keep you comfortable during the spring or summer due to poor insulation qualities, renovating the roof can render the space useable throughout all seasons of the year. They’re a great choice for homeowners seeking to balance out extreme leaps in temperature while adding some style too!

Tiled or glazed, our roof replacements deliver every time

Lean-to Conservatory Roof

At Team Frames Trade & Retail, we offer conservatory roof replacements in both solid, tiles, and partially glazed variants, giving homeowners the ability to enjoy increased thermal efficiency without ever feeling the need to compromise on style. Supplied in both PVC-u and aluminium, each replacement will be manufactured bespoke to your home.

A partially glazed roof helps give homeowners a greater sense of natural light and enhanced mood, meaning that although it’s cold outside the inside doesn’t have to be dark. Tiled roofs meanwhile act as a stylish choice capable of truly setting up the Christmas mood, letting the Winter snow rest neatly along its surface.

Make your conservatory warm this Christmas with help from our team

So if you’re concerned about having Jack Frost nipping at your nose when relaxing in your home’s conservatory this winter, rest easy knowing that our team can help by treating the space to a brand new, thermally efficient and stylish roof replacement. For more information, call us today on 01342 842632 or get in touch online.

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