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You shall not pass! Lord of the Doors

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If there’s one thing that the Tolkienesque setting of Middle-earth proved to us fantasy fans, it’s that the world can sometimes be a dangerous place. Granted, you’ll find no sign of orcs, goblins, or dragons throughout any of Britain’s beloved home counties, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to be your street’s relative Lord of the Doors, beckoning “You shall not pass” to any potential intruders and unwanted guests.

Thanks to the wide range of attractive front and rear entrance styles featured in our Adorn Range, at Team Frames Trade & Retail we do our best to ensure you’ll never have to travel into the very fires of Mordor to find a perfect fit for your home. From concertina bifolds to contemporary composites, you’ll always arrive in your home never early or late, but precisely when you mean to.

One does not simply walk into our high performance entrance doors

Although every door featured in the Adorn Range do a great job at providing transitions out and into the home that are both natural and seamless, they also do a great job of insulating your property, making it much more energy efficient as a result. Whether it’s due to the thick solid core slabs contained in a simple composite door or the multi-chambered profiles of our French styles, heat will always have a tough time leaving the home.

Because your home will be able to retain plenty more heat after having one of our doors fitted, you’ll rely less on artificial heating practices such as heaters, being much more energy efficient and cost-effective in the long term. A high-tech contemporary door installed by our team delivers U-values as low as 0.7 – No black magic required.

No risk of “gone door” thanks to the ultimate in entrance protection


As was alluded to earlier, our eclectic mix of door styles come fitted to be readily secure, offering homeowners the upmost peace of mind. Security hardware such as 4mm aluminium lock strips suit those seeking an effective if affordable method of warding off intruders, whereas sophisticated state-of-the-art contemporary doors can integrate finger print recognition rendering them more ‘modern’ than ‘Mordor’.

Rear entrance styles such as French, Sliding Patio, and Bifold doors put up a similarly equal fight, coming fitted with multi-point locking as standard within a reinforced uPVC or aluminium frame. There’s no need to make a choice between feeling closer to the outside and feeling safe in your home with any of our patio door styles.

There may be a day when the style of doors fail, but it is not this day!

Whether you feel that a uPVC or aluminium door would best suit your home and your personal tastes, doors from the Adorn Range excel at providing homeowners with the means to be as subtle or as distinct as they’d like. Feel free to colour match to either Gandalf the Grey, White, or another member of the fellowship entirely, we provide you with the palette to create a plethora of aesthetic designs.

A spitfire S500 door

Competitive prices that will see the doors going, going, Aragon

Because the number of entrance styles we offer is so vast, we’re confident that we have a door suitable for most homeowner’s style, taste, and of course budget. While Hi-tech contemporary doors are a worthwhile investment for the number of benefits they offer, our simple composites and premium door designs never fail at expertly balancing contemporary style with functionality. Especially in the Summer season when our team tends to be at its busiest, we encourage all customers to make an enquiry beforehand to help avoid disappointment.

TFT&R: Door installations that are never shrouded in Smaug and mirrors

Much like Gollum and his infatuation with a certain one ring, we’re very precious about offering local homeowners only the very best door styles around. For more information on our products or services, feel free to call our team on 01342 842632 or send us a message online.

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