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How to spot a rogue trader!

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Avoid rogue traders and cowboy builders with these top tips

It’s an unfortunate reality that there are still plenty of cowboy builders and rogue traders out there hoping to take advantage of those seeking to renovate or enhance their home. But what are the best methods and practices to take in order to spot such criminals? We at Team Frames Trade & Retail have got you covered!

Have you heard of their company name before?

Although it might seem obvious the simple act of asking yourself “have I heard of this company prior to now?” can tell you a lot about how legitimate said installer actually is, and if they are, how successful a service they are able to deliver. You’d be surprised at how much time and hassle you’ll be able to save, opting to use a company someone close to you has had previous experience with.

Here at Team Frames Trade & Retail, we’ve been a part of the local Surrey area for well over 10 years, having a built up a local reputation to thankfully boast about and be proud of. Each one of our staff members has been employed locally and so are passionate about pleasing the people that surround them. Unknown outsiders aren’t committed in the same way.

Research their work and practices online

Any decent and reputable home improvement company will undoubtedly have a great degree of online presence and maintain a decent level of transparency. Whilst company home sites such as this one are a great way to begin researching online, it’s really with third party aggregators like Construction Enquirer and Checkatrade collate the experience of previous customers into one handy approval rating.

Team Frames Trade & Retail for example feature well over 100 customer reviews on our online Checkatrade profile, each being individually written from the customers themselves without the influence of other parties. If your proposed company features very little positive reviews or even very few of them, it’s highly likely that they might not be as reputable as they seem.

Certified Installer Network

Check for accreditations

The final and most effective way of avoiding potential rogue traders is by looking at their list of accreditations and as to what schemes and regulators they are recognised by. These will not only be conducted by a third party separate from said installer but are more often than not nationally known accreditors who exist to recognise the most trustworthy and reliable companies.

Some of the accreditations and guarantees our company have been able to secure include, the BRFV, the GGFI and Surrey trading standards, but perhaps the most wildly recognised is FENSA. Being a member of this Competent Person Scheme gives homeowners greater protection as a customer helping you to avoid rogue traders and benefit from high quality practices from companies that are fully compliant with industry standards.


Trustworthy products and services from Team Frames Trade & Retail

Follow these worthy practices and it’s highly likely that the installer of your choosing will be honest and have your best interests in mind. That being said, if you’re local to Surrey, West/East Sussex or Kent, we at Team Frames Trade & Retail meet these expectations and much more. If you’d like to discover how we can help place you one step closer to your dream home, call us on 01342 842632 or send us a message online today!

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