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Weathertight products from The Adorn Range that helps protect your home from harsh weather

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Protecting homes in areas prone to harsh storms and floods

It’s never fun to open your entrance door in the morning only to be greeted by four inches of rainfall in your street!

Regrettably, for most homeowners in Surrey this was an unfortunate reality towards the middle of last year, with downpours leaving several roads under water and many pieces of furniture falling victim to water damage. Thankfully, here at Team Frames Trade & Retail we’re helping to prevent this from happening again, with our bespoke Adorn Range of products that are both weathertight, secure and affordable.

The Adorn Range makes it easier for homeowners situated throughout Surrey, Sussex and Kent to protect their home, being a selection of the latest home improvement products that doesn’t compromise on quality. Whether by using a robust composite door coated in scratch and weatherproof GRP skin or a heavy-duty conservatory RealRoof replacement, the inside of properties will be less prone to any water leaks and seeps that may arise due to harsh weather conditions.


Home improvements that offer the complete package

As well as impressive levels of safety and protection, homeowners can also enjoy a great sense of style when opting for a window, door or conservatory featured in our The Adorn Range. ‘Adorn’ by its very definition means to ‘enhance’ and so each product can be customised using various woodgrain tones and colour shades, all without ever compromising on performance or insulation. Every Surrey homeowner can get creative to reflect their own personality outwards using their home.

Already we have made a successful attempt to do our bit for the local community outside of providing homeowners with a range of top quality home improvements, supporting Crawley Open House homeless shelter with our upcoming Winter campaign. We’re a company helping to create inspiring and secure places, with many feathers to our cap.

Trust our team to sufficiently storm proof your home with Adorn

So, whenever a home is in need to be storm proofed in the unlikely but possible event that Surrey once again is subject to harsh downpours, the knowledgeable team here at Team Frames Trade & Retail have the tools for the job. Experienced in enhancing homes for over 10 years now, we have both the products and services to make any property fully weatherproof and resistant.

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