A small change that makes a huge difference

It’s easy to underestimate the effect of windows. They may be small, but they can transform your property inside and out. They are often one of the first features noticed on a house! Fortunately, The Adorn Range offers a choice of styles that fit perfectly with your personality and the character of your property.

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If you’re struggling to select which material to choose for your windows, we have summarised the key benefits of each – all offer energy efficiency, style and durability, but there are small differences.


This modern material offers easy maintenance, durability and thermal insulation (a far cry from its 1980’s counterpart). Combining style and a long life span, PVC-u windows are very cost-effective.


The latest material in the window industry, this offers slimmer sightlines than ever before, thanks to natural strength allowing for more glass. Frames are completely weatherproof, very energy efficient and will last for decades without much maintenance.


Hard to beat in terms of aesthetics, this natural material is ideal for authentic traditional windows. It is also naturally insulating, and modern technologies mean it requires less maintenance.

Enhance your lifestyle with secure, insulating and stylish windows

Regardless of which window style or material you choose, installations by Team Frames Trade & Retail's glazing specialists will enable you to benefit from enhancements on the inside and outside of your property.

All windows come with efficient locking mechanisms and strong frames – helping to secure your property from potential burglary. Equally, all window styles will enhance thermal insulation within your property, and even help to save on heating bills.

Combined with these features is of course style. Team Frames Trade & Retail windows are innovatively designed to add a touch of character (whether that be traditional or more contemporary) to any property. With a range of colour options and our superior craftsmanship, you can soon start to enjoy the new aesthetics of your property, and more comfortable living spaces internally.

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