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Get that “wow-factor” with a lantern roof

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White Roof Lantern

Fed up with your living space feeling dark and dingy? Bring it to life with a lantern roof! The extra glass won’t just make rooms feel brighter, they will make them seem bigger. A lantern roof is the perfect home improvement for homes needing a new lease of life, just in time for Summer.

What is a lantern roof?

Think of a normal lantern, the kind you put a tea light in. It is made up of individual glass sections, held together by a frame. The same principle is applied to lantern roofs, simply on a larger scale (and with a more technologically advanced design!)

The individual panels of high performance glass ensure that natural light can enter your room in abundance, whilst heat won’t escape when it is cold outside. Not only can a lantern roof offer performance benefits that will enhance your daily life, they also look spectacular. Never before has it been so easy to wow friends and family, or anyone visiting your home for that matter.

Orangery Roof Lantern

Which room will it be suitable for?

A lantern roof can be added to any existing flat roof in your home. This means a lot of room for possibility!

The most popular choice of room to add a lantern roof to is a kitchen – just picture it; eating breakfast or entertaining guests with light streaming in from the roof. A lantern roof installation gets you one step closer to your dream kitchen, especially if space is limited as the enhanced light from the roof will give the illusion of far more room.

Other popular choice of room for a lantern roof includes new extensions and living rooms, but they are suited to any room that you use on a daily basis, or even those that are reserved for special occasions!

Lantern roofs made easy with Team Frames Trade & Retail

Not only do we offer a fantastic range of lantern roofs, but we have a lot of experience installing them. We have pleased many homeowners across Surrey and the wider region – probably even one of your neighbours!

To find out more about our lantern roofs or glazed extensions, explore our website – your quality of life could be soon be improved by more light, style and various performance benefits!

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    Homeowner Installation

    "Rather remiss of me but I have neglected to write to you to say thank you to yourself and Steve, as well as the unseen by me, others, that completed the work at our house whilst we were away. We were very impressed with the standard of work and the way in which Steve spotted the manufacturing issue with one of the doors and got it resolved so quickly. We have now moved onto the next phase of the living room revamp with electrics getting done in a couple of weeks. We are now looking to change the fireplace and get the ceiling skimmed, assuming we can find a fit plasterer, as the one we were going to use has just had a shoulder operation! Then finally we will be able to get the floor tiled which we plan to through to the garden. Should be ready about Christmas 2016 at the rate we go at!"

    - Customer, Southern Counties

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