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March’s product of the month – Sliding patio doors

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Sliding Patio Doors

Continuing our newly introduced “product of the month” column, for March we’ve chosen to highlight the sometimes under-appreciated yet well worth considering prospect of sliding patio doors. A British staple for decades, modern sliding patio doors introduce many new and innovative features and elements of value to every homeowner. Each door panel has the potential to act as a real centrepiece while introducing a plentiful amount of practical benefits too.

Enhance natural light that brings properties closer to the outside

Although a tried and tested design, a new set of reliable sliding patio doors can bring some much needed versatility whether that be towards the front or the back of your home. Creating huge open spaces when open and maximised views when closed, one thing is for sure – you’ll never struggle to make the most of light thanks to each door profile’s exceedingly slim sightlines and sleek frames.

The result of utilising such a large glass surface area within your choice of patio door, is that you’ll be able to instantly feel closer to the outside without the need to worry about catching a chill or opening up your home to the elements. Enjoy your living environment all year round while always making the most of the outside.

Easy to use in either aluminium or uPVC

Sliding Patio Doors

Of course one of the most appealing factors to having sliding patio doors installed, is the ability to transition from the inside out and vice versa in one effortless manual motion. Thankfully this is an aspect where our range more than succeeds, sliding smoothly on a mounted track made possible due to innovative mechanisms and simple ergonomic handles.

We offer our customers the ability to have their sliding patio doors supplied in a choice of either uPVC or aluminium, not only ensuring that there’s an attractive price point for every homeowner, but to allow people to choose the aesthetic style that ideally suits their personal taste and house style. Both variants operate similarly, breaking down the boundaries between inside and outside living spaces.

Giving homeowners a taste of true open-plan living

Because the sights made possible with installation of a new set of sliding patio doors are so slim and unobstructed, they create the subtle impression of an extended home that flows out into the garden area. This is what’s known amongst veterans as “open plan living”, i.e. methods of removing the barriers that would otherwise be at risk of plaguing the home.

Sliding Patio Doors in Sussex

Sliding patio door benefits:

  • Maximised views and large amounts of natural light entry
  • Seamless sliding mechanism that is easy to use and effortless
  • Low threshold option for prams and wheelchair users
  • Available in either uPVC and Aluminium high quality frames
  • Reduced heating bills thanks to thermally efficient glass and multi-chambered frames

Sliding patio doors: Seamlessly blending inside and outside living spaces

Sliding patio doors from our range literally go out of their way to “reveal” a side of your home you may not know even existed or was possible. If you’d like to know more about March’s product of the month – or any other product for that matter – feel free to call our helpful team on 01342 842 632 or contact us online and we’ll get back to you soon.

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