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Success at Crawley House thanks to people’s generosity

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You may remember a blog post we published a little less than a month ago, which served as one final push to do your bit along with Team Frames Trade & Retail this past Christmas. Hoping to help the homeless heroes present at local shelter Crawley Open House, we asked our friends, customers, and partners to bring to us any unwanted clothing, and we’re pleased to report it was an overwhelming success!

A worthwhile charity mission that more than paid off

Following the generosity and kindness of everyone that donated, following the Christmas Eve 1pm cut off time, we were inundated with bags and bags of blankets, coats, shirts, and other Winter essentials. Needless to say, upon arriving at Crawley Open House it was clear to us that everyone’s hard work and effort had been worth it, especially after meeting the heroes who would now be able to enjoy these gifts.

Unlike financial or monetary donations, these various items of clothing were things both us and the team at Crawley Open House knew they could put to immediate good use. Previous Team Frames Trade & Retail customers will tell you, the community is at the heart of everything we do and this latest venture had been more than worthwhile for everyone involved.

A better result than anyone could have predicted

Really placing into perspective what Christmas is all about, we spoke to Glenn Stubbs, the deputy director of Crawley open House and he told us that they were expecting over 100 people between Christmas Day and Boxing Day with each of them now being able to receive a present. Looking back now we can happily report that they did, enjoying their festive period all the more because of it.


Crawley House deputy director: “This charity is as much mine as it is yours”

We hope to continue this relationship with the charity as funding from the government becomes less and less, meaning that they rely on donations from the community more and more. As Glenn said “this charity is as much mine as it is yours”, and we’ll continue to wear this badge with honour and great flattery.

TFT&R: Continuing the fight to keep the people warm!

As well as providing those in need with methods to stay comfortable and insulated, we of course offer this to anyone based in our around London’s home counties with our bespoke Adorn range! Whether through a high quality, window, door, conservatory or something else entirely, we go the extra mile to ensure your home is the very best it can be.

For more information on how to make this happen, feel free to call us on 013472 842632 or send our team an online message today.

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