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How 007 has influenced our door’s locking systems

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Surely your mission as a homeowner (should you choose to accept it) is to create a living environment in which family and guests will always be able to feel safe and secure. And while you might not think it, the world of Ian Fleming’s suave and sophisticated British secret agent is quickly becoming a reality within the home. From fingerprint recognition to smart spy hole cameras, the life of 007 could very much be your own, and the security of your property could be all the better for it.

A spitfire S500 door

The world is not enough? These latest entrance doors are!

Needless to say, our range of high-tech contemporary doors do not feature your typical kinds of entrance options. Sporting strong, stylish, and extremely secure aluminium panels, our contemporary doors offer some of the highest levels of safety, durability, and thermal performance for year-round comfort. A diverse selection of round and square outer and inner handles made of stainless steel helps to complete the up-to-date package, as well as a suite of locking systems and security upgrades.

Whereas conventional entrance doors tout a multi-layered composite or singular uPVC panel, these 21st century alternatives make use of a baked-on powder coated paint finish which guarantees colour durability, weather resistance and low maintenance. This assures each unit will stay attractive and functional for many years to come and never demand large amounts of your time.

Door gadgets and gizmos that ensure you don’t die another day

Much in the same way we imagine gaining access to MI6 would require various layers of intricate and unnecessary security protocols, our high-tech doors do very much the same but removing the “unnecessary”. The entire range comes complete with a selection of biometric key entry system options which succeed in making the safety of your home more personable and effective.

High quality multipoint locking systems and end-to-end adjustable shootbolts come as standard, but automatic finger scanner locks, smart spyhole technology and automatic door openings serves to render your home protected as well as being a method of letting you live out the ultimate secret agent fantasies. Most of these hi-tech options facilitate Bluetooth communication with your smart phone, allowing you to tailor a set up unique to your needs.

Unlike Bond you only live once, so why not enjoy the very best in entrance door design?

So if you want to make use of one of the most high-tech and sophisticated entrance doors on the market and render your home virtually burglar-proof so much so that Jason Bourne would be forced to turn away, don’t delay. The safety and protection of a family is one of the most important factors we consider, and if it’s important to you to feel free to get in touch either online or on 01342 842632 today.

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