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Want a door that reflects your personality? Choose colour!

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Green uPVC Door

A front door is often the first feature noticed and is vital in making a positive first impression. It can also make your return home that little bit better – who wants to get home from work to an unsightly, rotting door?

Thanks to front door technology, it is possible to reflect your personality in your door. Now there are no excuses for a dated exterior to your home!

More options than ever before

The world is your oyster in terms of the door styles and colours now available. The new generation of premium uPVC doors has opened a world of possibilities – with more designs and finishes than was ever possible even 10 years ago.

With so many colour choices, it is hard to know which to choose. The best options will match both the character of your home and your own personality. If you’re struggling, below we have put together a few ideas to inspire you.

Want your door to stand out?

The most recognisable door in the world is arguably No.10 Downing Street. If you want to make a bold statement like the Prime Minister, opt for a strong colour such as black or red, a simple bold design and sleek hardware.

If you would rather transform a dull exterior and hallway into one that expresses your bright personality, opt for a cheerful colour that radiates warmth. Yellow is the ‘happiest’ front door colour, and especially on a sunny day this colour will create a sense of optimism and put a smile on you and your neighbour’s faces. If yellow is a little too bright, why not opt for a contemporary shade of orange?

For something a little darker, but that sill hints at your extroverted personality, purple coloured uPVC doors are ideal.

Want a stylish door that fits in with your locality?

You may want to avoid bright colours for fear of them not matching the rest of your locality. Fortunately, it is still possible to achieve style!

The door colour of the moment is grey – choosing this for your door will create a sense of calm, cool and style.

For a true sense of peace, go for timeless creams and other more neutral shades. Blues, teals and turquoises are perfect if a relaxing seaside feel is more in tune with your personality.

Where are coloured uPVC doors available?

The entrance to your home should be welcoming, reflect your personality and give a hint of what’s to come inside. All of these factors are made possible with The Adorn Range of coloured uPVC doors from Team Frames Trade & Retail.

Our range of premium coloured uPVC doors are available in a wide selection of styles and colours. Incorporate bespoke glass designs and high quality hardware for the perfect finishing touches.

Based in Surrey, we have been helping homeowners to enhance their properties for over a decade. With our help, you will soon be benefitting from one of our coloured uPVC doors.

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