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uPVC doors today: the best they’ve ever been

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uPVC doors have come a long way in recent years, and they make the ideal front door solution. We look further into how uPVC doors have changed, and what really makes modern doors, well, modern.

A lot can change in a few decades

If you were to time travel back to the 80s, you would see uPVC doors in every residential street. Introduced to the UK from Germany, PVC systems quickly became very popular. However, the frames of these uPVC doors tended to far bulkier and weak compared to the timber doors they were replacing.

Many door and window salesman jumped on the bandwagon – but with this influx of salesmen, competition relied heavily on low costs. That meant that quality quickly declined – this is the factor that gives uPVC its bad name.

However, fast forward today and uPVC door technology is a far cry from its historic counterpart.

uPVC doors regaining a good reputation

Present day reputable installers care about quality, and despite offering cost-effective home improvements, will never cut corners to achieve rock bottom prices. Combined with the technological advance of uPVC doors, this work ethic ensures that doors today are high performance and stylish – the perfect combination.

Gone are the days of the ‘plastic door’. With energy efficiency, security and durability, uPVC doors are ideal for any property. Equally impressive, many premium styles look exactly like timber thanks to woodgrain textures. With the added benefit of no maintenance, modern uPVC doors have regained their place as a popular home improvement choice.

Ideal for any home

Reputable installers such as Team Frames Trade & Retail offer premium doors that are suited to properties old and new – the only thing that remains traditional is style; the performance benefits are fit for any modern home.

The Adorn Range offers a wide selection of stylish doors. Opt for more traditional or contemporary designs; whatever matches your character and your personality. Also incorporate shiny new door furniture such as letter plates and knockers, or beautiful bespoke glass designs.

It is thanks to genuine companies such as Team Frames Trade & Retail that uPVC doors have regained their rightful place in the home improvement industry. With The Adorn Collection, you gain peace of mind that your door will be enhancing your home, inside and out, for many years to come.

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