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Now you can design your own high tech front door

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Ever been excited by the prospect of being able to enjoy the very best in door technology but also crave the ability to create an entrance to your exact liking? We might have the perfect solution in our new entrance door designer! Letting local homeowners across Surrey, Sussex, and Kent enjoy all the advanced benefits that come with a high-tech Spitfire door from the Adorn Range while also providing the means to get creative, your dream door is no longer unreachable.

Styles that range from Contemporary to Traditional

When clicking through to use the online door designer, you’ll instantly be greeted by 5 distinct styles that serve as the foundation for your dream Spitfire door. Contemporary, Traditional, Glazed, Solid and Best sellers all incorporate bespoke design elements which helps set them apart from each other, catering for homeowners who wish to prioritise a specific factor whether it that be light (Glazed), style (Traditional), or privacy (Solid).

Every style lets homeowners enjoy a state-of-the-art design, while also creating an entrance option that seamlessly integrates with the existing aesthetic style of a home’s character. Despite these 5 categories, you’ll be amazed at just how diverse spitfire panels can look, from bowed contemporary glazing patterns to two tone solid designs.

Spitfire door designer example

A door designer with near-limitless customisation options

Upon selecting your chosen style, the door designer allows you to toggle such elements as single/duel colour finishes, fingerprint integration, and top/sidelight preferences – plenty of ways to make the finished product truly unique. When it comes to colour specifically, in any selected tone it comes powder coated to the aluminium panel as standard, ensuring a vibrant look that lasts for decades.

Great aesthetics and performance every time

Regardless of the style, colour, and sidelight configuration you select when using the door designer, you’ll be able to rest comfortably knowing that every high-tech Spitfire unit will be a beacon of modern style and performance. While primarily known and popular due to their clever technology integration, also worth swooning over are their exceedingly low U-values of just 0.7.

Fully realise your entrance ambitions with TFT&R

So if in the past you’ve worried that you’ll not be able to experience to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to an exact sense of style as well as the very best performance and security, we’d encourage all to take our new door designer for a whirl. For more information regarding any of our products and services, give us a call on 01342 842632 today, or contact us online.

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